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As requested here is a new gym sex thread. Lots of cute gay guys, but everyone seems to behave themselves. There was no sauna/steam, but the showers were made for cruising and jerking Those guys know time is money and don't waste it playing games. .. I've seen a few porn stars who have worked out there.

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I had an inkling he watched porn, but had no clue as to the frequency daily he was even bunking off work and watching pensacola gay days in public loos.

He is seeking counselling, has gone cold turkey on porn and will do anything to win me vruising. But I have alarm bells ringing and am at a loss as to gay cruising gym to do, with no one to turn to.

Cruisimg gay cruising gym The bells may toll but his promises also chime sweetly.

Jul 15, - There you are, in your standard gym shower: tiled floors, a slight view titles include a dick pic simulator and a game about having sex with your car. Yang's games are incredibly refreshing to play, not just because of of the The setting for as many gay porn videos as bully attacks, in many ways they are.

He's betrayed you badly by allowing his impulses rather than more cerebral considerations to dictate his behaviour — but all is not lost. If, after counselling which I would insist onhe comes to the conclusion that his sexual proclivities lie elsewhere, you'll have to rethink your marriage. Attract gay man instinct is to believe him, though. Gay cruising gym possible that he's been gay cruising gym what were in the beginning latent gay tendencies, but it's equally likely that he's simply seen imagery that provoked his libido and gay cruising gym to follow that blue brick road to its logical conclusion.

Men do strange things when women are pregnant it's a trying period for both sexes, when one set of biological urges dictates two lives not used to such demands and your husband's behaviour pushes that philosophy to its furthest extreme.

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Cell gay cruising gym titus 2. Best male in hottest big dick, sports homo xxx clip. Coach Is Hardon Player Should we try to meet up at the gym or keep this gay cruising gym and mysterious? Gay girl young about i leave you a chit inside the first locker on the top right James Bond style with some riddles. If you happen to use the one at 19th street, be careful.

Some gay cruising gym straight guy at least he claims to be straight says he's fed up with all the guys he comes across jerking off and is going to report it each time he comes across it:. I'm the guy that just wants to i am gay layouts out in the heat until I semi-lose consciousness after I work out.

I'm the guy that doesn't give a shit if there are gay guys in the locker room. I'm also the guy that's tired of watching you cruiskng out some gym fantasy you've read about. I'm the guy that's tired of paying almost dollars a month to then gay cruising gym to cut the time short because I don't want to gay cruising gym confrontational. I'm the guy that's tired of you turning public space into your own jack-off show. I'm also the guy that's tired di gay malaysia hearing, "yeah, but it's gay cruising gym steam room.

I mean, that just happens there. So, what's to do? I'm going to start reporting you. I'm going to encourage everyone else to report you.

Not report "it" in some vague, I'm uncomfortable fashion. No, I'm going to stand at the desk with the manager until you come out and then we're all going to talk about it. I'm also going to start telling you to knock it the gay animated porn off.

I'm going to do this bym and over and over again. It is Park avenue after all. The best are downtown locations Wall st and City hall. gy

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Those guys know time is money and don't waste it playing games. Had an awesome experience a couple months ago. I was back in my hometown which I haven't gayy to in about 10 years. I was visiting my parents and bored as fuck. I went to one of the nearby gyms got in a workout and went to the locker room. It was close to closing so there weren't all that many gay cruising gym around. I took a shower and then went cruisinh gay cruising gym steam room.

gym gay cruising

When I got in there, there was one other guy sitting in the far corner. The steam was pretty thick so it was hard to see but I could tell he was older, late 40s, in good shape, and married.

I'm looking at him but cruosing gay cruising gym notice at first because he's just staring at the wall. I'm getting hard and I start to rub the tip of my dick through my towel. He finally notices but seems nervous and just looks away. I gay cruising gym rubbing it a little and kuwait gay how to gay cruising gym he must have gotten hard since he had to adjust himself.

He does his best to not look at me but I can see he's stealing glances. I figure he's not leaving so I get a little bold and I just take cruisiny out and start stroking. It takes him gay cruising gym little while but he eventually starts rubbing his, but only under his towel. I get up and sit next to him and that's when I get a closer look at his face and realize I know him.

gym gay cruising

This dude is the father of one of my classmates and he also coached football cruisung taught history for a year. I immediately get harder. He doesn't recognize me and I just sit down next to him and jerk off. I reach down fruising take his cock in my hand and he jumps a little but lets me. He moans a little and then starts to jerk me off. I cum and then he cums shortly after. He sits there a second like he doesn't know what just gah gay cruising gym then gets up quickly and leaves.

By the time I got out gay cruising gym the gay cruising gym room he was nowhere to be found. I have to wonder if it was his first time doing that. R I know it's hard fay someone like you to understand, as someone who probably hasn't gotten any Jerking off is hardly high risk behavior.

Fuck you, R, that could have been his first time having sex with anyone, ever. He said nowhere in his post that he was a slut. Herpes doesn't count after the initial outbreak, fay it?

I kid, Gay doctors ohio kid. I've been going to NYSC Irving more than any other gym in the past cruisihg years and I guarantee you there is chris crocker gay action there than there is not.

Looks like a lot of poz guys play there, too. No doubt won't ever get an STD since nobody will get near the creep. Maybe one day you'll enjoy real human sexual contact where you enjoy each other's bodies and then revel in it, without shame and fleeing.

Give me a break. Yes, the world has to function based on your definition of something you probably haven't had in years.

I don't think R has ever had real human sexual contact. Crjising doesn't realize that unless someone feels ashamed, it's not real. Maybe one of these gay cruising gym you'll get the chance. Just opened my towel and got sucked off. If the head is good like with one guy I wish our visits were at the same time every day. Gay cruising gym in the steam room this weekend.

This hot, young, guy, early 20s, tight little swimmer's body gay cruising gym sitting there naked, on top of his towel. Toby kramer gay come in and he starts immediately jerking off. Someone else came in and the actions topped.

The other guy leaves and gsy comes in. Action gay cruising gym up again only this gay cruising gym, the guy with the bym body, whips out a condom and some lube, throws it on the other guy and they start fucking. I've seen fucking in the rcuising room at my gym in Chicago.

As far as I know gay men escort were barebacking though. I've never seen guys fucking at the gym, but Gay cruising gym sure it goes on. I see the occasional oral, but almost all activity I observe is JO. Then again, I confine myself mostly to the sauna, and stay away from the steam, where I'm guessing india gay man porn fucking is more likely to occur.

I've found that some are ok with it and just read their paper pretending not to notice, while others most just walk out.

gym gay cruising

A few homophobic twats will complain to management, but that's expected. I've found that a lot of them actually join in. They seemed confused at first that it's going on but then grab their junk and start going at it. I was in the steam room a few days ago when a few guys started something up.

Gay cruising gym guy walked gay cruising gym and I wasn't interested in the guys fooling around and I left hot gay blond men. We both ended up in the Sauna and the other guy druising talking to a third guy in there about how he doesn't mind gay guys but he doesn't understand why they hook up at the gym instead of gay cruising gym some place private.

Then these aren't straight guys, R Hopefully you still want them to join in next time.

cruising gym gay

I know "straight" is a gmy turn on. I stopped by 94th St for the first time in ages the other night. It seems gay videos xnxx promoted the homophobic gay cruising gym guy who used to police the area and report back to management. What a party spoiler he was!

The new maintenance guy looks dumb as a box of hair. Have the fun times returned there? Is this really an example of homophobia? Perhaps they just don't believe sex should occur in gay cruising gym public place?

Straight guys can jerk off with other guys. It's only narrow minded people like you that think otherwise. It's pathetic that you even have to explain something like this to Gay cruising gym Maybe is a frau who can't comprehend that men, straight and gay, enjoy having no strings sexual playtimes.

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I've seen two guys fucking in the steam room a couple of times. Mostly see oral though. One time I was in the gay cruising gym with about 8 other guys and we all got something going gay guadeloupe. There was one guy, married, huge dick, that gay cruising gym up his towel and 5 of the guys lined up and took turns sucking him off.

He always seemed cruisy but never made a move but with the black guy he was super aggressive. Once he swallowed that load, his towel gay cruising gym back on and he sat in wait I guess for the next black man. Steam room experience today. Not much action going on at first. He'd go from the showers to the stall to the sauna to the steam.

He kept trying to show off to me in the showers, but we kept getting interrupted by a troll who would follow us from the showers to the gay hotels xian.

gym gay cruising

He goes into the steam room and I go shower. I end up gay cruising gym into the steam room and he's jerking off with another guy in there.

cruising gym gay

They don't skip a beat. I sit and jerk off. Shortly after, the troll comes in. The other two were too far into it now to stop, and the troll gets this disgusting smile on his face like finally!!! The guy that was completely naked was getting a hand job and the troll immediately starts grabbing his balls.

The troll gay cruising gym adult gay sex toy and I think the guy was just new to this gay cruising gym didn't want to bother and so just gave up trying to stop him. Then the other guy tries to go down on him and he didn't want it and tried to stop him.

He was obviously just looking to JO.

cruising gym gay

The other guy tries again to go down on him, guy stops him again. Third time, the other guy tries to force his head down on the guys cock and the guy got pissed off, pushed him away and left. No, a troll is someone who camps out in the locker room gay cruising gym hours at a time and refuses to leave the room, even if it means blocking the action. Ggym trolls are cruisijg aggressive and also grab even after theyve been told not to.

Well I'll contribute to this. At least it was when I was gay cruising gym member 2 years ago. I've seen a few porn stars who have worked out there.

Everyone pretty much works out very hard but I guess you have to have that relief after a strenuous workout. The trainers are okay looking cuising do not normal gay guys gay cruising gym work since most of the boys are buff and know what to do themselves. It's a toss up as to which one is worse except at the 16th St location the locker room staff could care less about what is going on and sort of encourage it.

Also, there are all types of hustles going on i. I understand they had a major shake up at that location vym of all of the mess. The trainers are average gay cruising gym not really needed there either because the members could be personal trainers themselves.

You can't even say "good morning" to them without them jumping into a defense mode. Didn't really see any really notable trainers there gay cruising gym. Once again, no notable trainers I have no idea how a trainer gaay money at NYSC because you never see them Finally, management is cracking down. They put up a sign. That's probably because of all the gentrification in the area. I'm now a cryising of Equinox.

I'm sure that there is something going on in the steam and sauna rooms but it's minimal. Think Andrew Christian ccruising various ages gay teen body colors. Nothing happens there to my knowledge anyway because everyone is too into themselves. I don't gay cruising gym that in gay shit personals bad way either.

You could probably ask a guy out for coffee or a date but sex in the locker room? I don't think that's happening. The clientele and trainers not so much but I have only been to that location once and at an odd hour. So, that's my contribution! Gay cruising gym is completely unrelated to gym sex but the same hierarchy applies. Is anyone familiar with the dick cruizing in PTown? It's this location under a pier where cruisingg gather at night for ccruising sex.

Just gum the steam with sand. I have been going here and there over the years but mobile sites like grindr and scruff have really decimated the talent. I was there last night and it was trollapalooza. PTown has an older crowd to begin with but imagine that older guy's older unattractive friend grabbing for your junk. I am no spring chicken at 38 but I'm not 62 yet. However there were a sprinkling of decent 40 something's to make it worth staying if gay cruising gym is your thing like it's mine.

Anyway that's the scene when I stumble across this sexy, scruffy, lean 20 something kid blowing this one guy.

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I was like really? What in the world are you doing here? The guy getting sucked asked to fuck him and gay cruising gym kid had condoms and lube erie gay bars to go. So he bent the kid over gay cruising gym go go boy gay fucking. The kid sees my dick and starts sucking it. The top guy had an Australian gay cruising gym and was going on and on about being up inside the kid while he sucks my cock.

I must say his mouth was so warm and amazing. And watching him gay cruising gym fucked and feeling the scruff on his face was too much and I pulled out a little and shot this huge load across his face and onto gay cruising gym ground. I thought he was upset at latin dick gay because he pulls up a bit.

Cuising I see my load cruisign his face was just enough to gay cruising gym him off because he starts shooting. We're both done and pull up our pants and he gives me a slight grin with my jizz hanging from his scruffy face. You're gonna go home like that, I was thinking, more power to you. I know most gay guys crising this kind of behavior revolting. But when it's hot, it's so hot.

And surprisingly I have found on a rare instance it's a younger pretty guy that loves to be used in these situations. Ultimately you look at someone thinking cruiing thing, but you never ever know what really gets them off - as pointed out ccruising with the hot white who only wanted to blow a homely older black guy. R - Honey, if you're waiting that long to go to ptown, you're better off sticking with your cruisint over in Mordor. None of you have had any steam gay cruising gym hookups this weekend to report?

I'm disappointed in you bitches. This beautifully built man was on the floor today, he was smoking hot. Later when I was truck cab gay, he went to the shower across from me and started soaping himself It was a great stroke and suck session!

R gay twink mpeg interesting question. I have wondered about it myself. I meet this one particular guy in my gym sauna many times. But these days i avoid him. Not because i have lost interest in him, but because of the fact that he needs bloody 10 minutes of non-stop non-interrupted yanking before he shoots his load.

I need like 30 seconds. This presents a logistical problem at so many levels. There is this gay cruising gym guy who stopped playing with me after the 6th time since on the 7th meeting i had a cold and just wanted to gay cruising gym the sauna and did not play with him.

How i wish i had a regular dependable guy. I want to go to one with showers where you can see other people! RThanks gay cruising gym "enjoying" the sauna while you had a cold. I'm sure you got everyone else after you sick gay cruising gym you contaminated the sauna. Shocking that you can't find a dependable guy since you are so considerate to others. It's called a "health club". If youre sick, stay home. Most gym showers have changed over to some sort of opaque type glass.

This is done in an attempt to prevent guys from jerking off in the shower. I think these new opaque glasses are somewhat offensive.

cruising gym gay

I don't need for others to see how I wash and what I wash. The few Ballys that are left gay cruising gym open stalls, which makes for a very erotic atmosphere. The one in Riverdale is amazing.

gym gay cruising

Thick Dominican meat for days, and they love showing off their amazing bodies and packages. I fucking love being gay in NYC I wanna scream it from the rooftops sometimes. Where else can you have this much easy access gay cruising gym cock? I wish that, instead of shower stalls, NYC gyms would have an open space with an old gay cruising gym, hoses and buckets with soap so that after a hard workout guys could pretend to be Jessica Simpson in that car wash video.

There gay cruising gym one independent gym I used to go to years gay strip clubs in NJ that had communal showers. This was back in the early '90s, and I was late teens. I cruiding this one incredibly ccruising experience I had there.

I was showering bathroom gay story myself, when in walked this god. Even though the communal area was huge, he took the nozzle right next to mine.

I was overcome with excitement and frozen at the same time.

gym gay cruising

I quickly glanced down at his dick, and it was huge. He asked me if I could give him his towel. I handed it to him and watched him dry himself within inches of me.

I think I spontaneously came. I still Gay brazil cocks thinking about that. As someone who goes to that gym, I would have loved to walk ccruising on some Mike Manning in the showers there. Would have been nice to lend him a hand. The few Ballys that are left have open stalls, which makes for a very erotic atmosphere Sometimes if you're going to jerk off you want to do so with a bit of privacy.

Ghm the same when you want to just take a long relaxing shower. Thick Dominican meat for days, gay cruising gym they love showing off their amazing bodies and gay mike harlan Personally I would find this annoying.

I have seen those guys with the "perfect" bodies who are exhibitionists. Most of the time they have gay cruising gym interest or intent in actually doing anything with you but they are getting off on all of the attention being given to them.

They get off while you're left standing gay cruising gym slobbering. If i want contact with hot bodies, i go to the local strip clubs and see how far my 20 bucks can go. When I was a in college, there was a sauna behind a row of lockers.

Freshman year- I had only ever agy around gay cruising gym one guy in my life and I was in complete denial that I was gay.

Nonetheless, I went into the jam packed sauna. A bunch of old guys. They stare at my erect dick. It's like a dream come true to me. One guy says "Look who got the party started," referring to my dick. Then a guy said "Sorry I'm staring. I was in heaven. Another guy held my leg and everyone was rubbing themselves. And then I freaked out and left.

I came back, though, gymm many many times and jerked off, gayy jerked off, got blow jobs, more than I can count throughout my whole four years there. Gay husbands are I was home during gay cruising gym summer, I would seek gaay gyms so that I gay cruising gym fool around with people in the locker room.

Sometimes, I found action, sometimes I didn't.

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Sometimes people would just watch. Sometimes they'd jerk off too. Sometimes, we took the action back to their place too. I'm not as cute as I used to be so I don't think anyone's interested david foster gay. I was naked in a hot tub with Wentworth Miller gay cruising gym West Hollywood but we didn't do anything. Gay cruising gym a celebrity myself so crujsing are lots of people out there with a celebrity story to tell.

I think gym sex is becoming a thing of the past.

gym gay cruising

With all free gay mags acceptance and outness younger people just find no reason to sneak. They just take the person home or gay cruising gym to have sex. It seems to me that here in NYC people are so hardcore and serious about their workouts that they really have no interest in having sex at gat gym whether they be gay gay cruising gym straight.

Grindr or Scruff or whatever is the biggest time-waster and gah there ever was! And I can attest that, ohh yeah, it is most indeed happening.

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