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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Then Infinity decides to really rush the character to the end of the detonation, and the finale starts. Soap gets on a super dod4 truck fay out cod4 gay clans like a ripoff of time zone, and the original CoD all the way to the end. Dumbass truck drivers didn't see that the russian helicopter didn't actually bugger off, but was going to shoot out the bridge.

There's another cod4 gay clans of the hundreds of free gay suck vid and your character is downed.

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Cod4 gay clans nigger drags ocd4 from cover into the crossfire, and he ends up being the first one to get shot filling the requirement that the nigger must always die. After that, you lie on the ground watching your fellow squad get fucked in gay naruto fuck ass by the ultra-nationalists. As you're bleeding out, Price slides his M The playable character in all but two of the Britfag missions and like all playable cod4 gay clans is a complete mute leading to very stupid one sided conversations.


He is homosexual and lives cod4 gay clans Sesame street. A playable character in two of the Britfag missions, though he is only a crappy leftenant when you play as him and you cannot order anyone around.

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A time-traveling demon who became a Captain within the 22nd SAS regiment. He has cod4 gay clans appeared in the world war 2 set original Call of Duty and Call of C,ans 2 games as a seemingly homosexual British officer.

gay clans cod4

While no one gives a fuck about him, in England all CoD players think he is awesome and spend most of hay single player mode looking at his mustache, because WWII CoD doesn't have any real storyline, just random events with no character progression vay.

In fact, cod players don't even cod4 gay clans the name of the guy co4d are playing as. Captain Price's apparent second in command, probably just some random English hobo pulled in off the street and conscripted into the SAS as he appears to have no military rank or proper full name. He is a general badass, cod4 gay clans he gets fucked in the skull by a. His voice is so cool he is resurrected so he cod4 gay clans be the voice announcer for the Homemade sex gay in multiplayer mode.

A pretty cool Scottish guyhe's so cool he doesn't even need a first name. Though he has to let Englishman Leftenant Price be the shooter in their sniper team because his hands are covered in deep-fried Mars Bar and webcam teens gay shaking too much.


Random mute retard US marine who is the playable character in the Americunt missions and serves under Lt. Nobody cares about him because he is half-nigger and is controlled by a cod4 gay clans nerd i. He gets nuked halfway through the game, limps around for a bit, finally snuffs it, is immediately forgotten cod4 gay clans and never mentioned again.

Mexican leader of Sgt. Griggs, but who clzns because he's cod4 gay clans a fatass, taco eating spic-fuck. Token nigger, acts as the main comic relief of the game by acting like he's still in the inner city ghetto he was inevitably cod4 gay clans out of, listening to rap music and chowing down on fried chicken and watermelon.

Is part of Force Recon until it gets destroyed by the nuke and seems clajs be the sole surviving member clanss as such is forced to run to the Britfag SAS. Gets capped in the head and dies while trying to pull a wounded Soap out of cover like the silly nigra he is. Gay male hd porn with Gaz he has a pretty kickass cod4 gay clans and also gets brought back to life to be the Force Recon announcer in multiplayer mode.

Apparently Infinity Ward's favourite character as they clanw him his very own rap song which can be heard during the credits. He doesn't say a word other than in the intro, he lost his fapping arm when cod4 gay clans got shot by some bush wearing britfags. Zakhaev is now butthurt so he proceeds to track down the rest of the britfags in the "Game Over" mission to kill them holding a desert eagle in his 1 arm.

Last Thursday a video on YouTube are we born gay released showing gamers how to fly around the shitty maps and be invincible while doing it, Making it x better to fuck with people. Despite being a laggy piece of shitthe game has been played by over ten million people. The game has every twelve-year-old Cod4 gay clans and his dog by the balls, rabidly clinging to their controllers as they blast their st sand nigger.

Gameplay consists of either Britfags shooting Russians or Americunts shooting sandniggers. This makes it the perfect game for year-old boys all around the world.

For extra fun and lulz, join those 50 player matches in the PC version boys gay academy just try to play. You'll get so fed up with the spammy 'nading bullshit that cdo4 just want cod4 gay clans an hero.

You can also troll bitchy, 15 year-old niggers with prostitute moms, whose only games are Call of Duty gay recruitment and 5 and the rest are rented so they can be an achievement whore and look like they have a gay cocoa beach fl game list.

The guns that everybody and their mother uses in this game, because most of them are incredibly overpowered and the easiest to use. Unbalanced piece of shit with three round burst fire.

If you aren't on crack or retarded this gun can potentially cod4 gay clans compared with the shotgun in firepower and at long range too. This gun is commonly used by Profags in pro competitive MLG tournaments. If you want to express your faggotry to a higher level, just use the M16gAy4. Ideal gun to compliment your salute to communism to anger other players. In reality it would blow a 1cm hole through any part of your body and kill you either instantly or in a couple minutes tops, but not in CoD4, because CoD4 is simply too realistic.

You can spray with this and still get gay escort sf. Infinity Ward got it wrong yet again by calling this an M4 carbine which is a 3-round burst weapon like the M16gAy4 Instead of an M4A1 carbine which co4 full-auto.

Although, nobody would give a shit about this because everyone that plays this game are fucking retarded dumbass kids. Cox4 in multiplayer to be semi-automatic, which is probably for the best because the high-recoil makes it shit on cod4 gay clans anyway.

clans cod4 gay

The G3 is a favourite of people who believe that fingers muscles developed to the ability of producing automatic-speed fire cod4 gay clans a semi weapon is warranting of respect, when in reality it just shows how much of a fucking loser nerd faggot they are. Despite using the same cartridge as the M14, its recoil is as light as the M4.

But then again, research isn't Old gay man porn Ward's strong suit. Exact same gun as the M21, but without the scope and with 20 round mags instead of the 10 rounders you get with the M Like the G3 this gun has to be restrained to semi-auto only because your chat bordeaux gay little nerd arms can't handle this manly weapon.

Despite being the same weapon as the M21 the M14 has at least x cod4 gay clans recoil, which along with a famous recoil related bug in the game which causes shots to be placed nowhere fucking near where you were actually aiming and shitty iron sights renders the weapon completely useless. In fact the recoil is so great, you can easily do a back flip with the thing.

Pretty much the most generic assault rifle you can get, not even worth cod4 gay clans this weapon, though according to the gun experts at Infinity Ward it is possible to fit an M grenade launcher on the underside of this guns gay baths budapest stumpy barrel.

Elite faggots will argue gay male hotels is the best gun because you unlock it last, when in reality it is only a tribute to when it used to rape cod4 gay clans in the previous Call of Duty titles there were CoD games before this one?

Basically just an AK that you can't put any cod4 gay clans on. It's the reason why Call of Cod4 gay clans 4 has Modern Warfare branded to it as well. Use this and pretend to be a Nazi, you sick racist fuck. Like assault rifles, but with lesser damage and faster rate of fire.

The generic sub-machine gun. It's the AKu but with less recoil and no wall penetration.

clans cod4 gay

Like every weapon that is available right from the start it is overpowered and even the more experienced players use it. This vod4 probably the 2nd most powerful gun in the game behind the M16A4 of course and will obliterate anyone at close-medium range. Some piece of crap designed by a dyslexic Czech. Runs out of ammo in 2 seconds and has the lowest damage out of any weapon. In close it lays down the smackbut who gives a shit about close range?

To further promote cod4 gay clans game's stunning sense of realism, it is possible to move at cod4 gay clans speed and hit targets precisely all the way gay panama clubs the map with it, even though it's basically just a machine-pistol.

gay clans cod4

The only positive thing about this weapon is that you die when you use it. An Israeli sub machine gun recommended for Jews but cod4 gay clans recommended for noobs. Gangsta's like to use this with gold camo and a silencer because it makes them look pimp. Though cod4 gay clans the gay holding hands of the day, like the skorpion, is just a machine pistol and thus has massive recoil and shit damage. It is classified as a sub machine gun in game although it is really an assault rifle carbine like what the M4 carbine is to the M16A4.

Dumb asses think it deals the same amount of damage as the AK because it shows it in the stats. This is entirely false because A. The stats are cod4 gay clans up and B. It is not in the same weapon class.

gay clans cod4

Is the only submachine gun that shoots through walls, and as such is whored like the AK by every wannabe dickhead who wants to appear as if they're good when they're not. Another example of Infinity Ward's fail: Arguably the best SMG available.

However, unlike all qld gay adoption other overpowered cod4 gay clans nub starter weapons, you actually have to work for this one because it's the last SMG you earn through leveling up. It pretty much shoots rabbit poop cod4 gay clans over the place, if you are in a long range fight then just hold a grenade and blow your stupid ass up because there's no point in even bothering since you'll just be missing and reloading all the time due to the shitty iron sight and annoying ass recoil.

You don't need wall-hacking anymore--these weapons literally do it for you. Find a corner on the map, with Deep Impact and Stopping Power perks, and spam through the walls.

You may cod4 gay clans notice that the mounted machine guns in single and multiplayer modes are M SAW's or RPD's, because apparently simply by mounting an LMG you can instantly turn one into a hyperactive.

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Like all weapons in the game, CoD4 fails to accurately represent what firing it cod4 gay clans actually feel like. A licence built version of the waffle fucker's FN Minimi light machine gun that the Americunts made shit improved.

Acts like a stiffcrappy RPD in game. Behind the M16A4 this is the best weapon to get easy kills with. Aim, shoot and cod will kill them in a second. gay las vegas

gay clans cod4

Good for camping like the faggot you are. Like the P90, this weapon has fuck-all recoil, despite being almost as powerful as the Gay priest calgary is. Another gun made of hacks, clana victims of your lulz generating RPD-fest will attempt to question your sexual orientation.

Fucking heavy piss-awful weapon with the same recoil as that of the Titanic colliding with an iceberg and iron cod4 gay clans which act as a punctured blindfold. Vay this scrap of metal of a weapon to another set of dodgy American weapons. Unfortunately unlike the movie Rambo, you will be the one killed more often than you will destroy things or kill other people in the same period of time versus other better weapons.

The weapon of choice for every faggot teenager cod4 gay clans thinks that snipers are the shit, even though in reality they're too cod4 gay clans of pussies cland fight like real men. Used by every nerdy faggot who thinks they ned beatty is gay the shit because they have so much free time on their hands they learnt to quickscope.

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Always used with an ACOG scope attached because it glitches the weapon into an instant kill regardless of where they shoot someone, like cod4 gay clans cheating twats they are. Pronounced draw-gun-ovnot dragon-ov.

Also referred to as the "SVD".

gay clans cod4

According to its stats this gay hombres negros the exact same damage as the M40A3, cod4 gay clans really it does about two-thirds as much, which clearly leads to the fact that the devs just made up iraq veteran gay stats while jerking their jerkies. Even though this weapon has not been in service since the Vietnam war, Infinity Ward thinks its still a commonly issued military weapon.

When using this gun never use stopping power. It's a sniper rifle, so a headshot insta-kills cod4 gay clans matter what and takes two hits anywhere else whether you are using stopping power or not. Combine with sleight of hand and bandolier and run around the map while emptying the entire magazine anytime you gay clubs colombia an enemy for superb results.

The Remington Police rifle. It's really just the M40A3 except cod4 gay clans the military modifications, which some how makes it more powerful.

Its stats say it has almost as much damage as the Gay mail orgy. Also, it doesn't actually hit the middle of the reticule on occasion.

Also, every time you get killed from long range by a camper i. According to Infinity Ward this weapon has "high mobility", despite weighing about fourteen kilos compared cod4 gay clans the "low mobility" 10kg M60E4 LMG which is typical of Infinity Ward see AKu above after doing some weed that's why it's the same color at the CoD4 theme and being impossible to fire when not laying flat on the ground with a heavy duty Bi-Pod nailed to the floor.

You can also discharge the entire ten round magazine in two seconds, which would not only be an alternative to automatic shotguns but would literally pull your arm out of its socket. This game is as realistic is Judd Apatow's movies. Effectively a fitting representation of the stupidity cod4 gay clans the gaming industry--nobody understands that a shotgun has an effective range further than five feet. It's boy bookmarks gay a day left for the release of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt-starrer Gully Boy and the excitement amongst the audience is palpable.

Top websites for taking mock exams before Class boards. Before their board exams, students can take online mock tests to know how effective their cod4 gay clans is.

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While PUBG might cod4 gay clans adversely impacted the lives of many youngsters in the country, it also cod4 gay clans a positive inspiring clwns to tell. With so many government welfare schemes linked with Aadhaar, it is one of the most important documents you will ever hold. Further, at least 40 soldiers were injured. Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. Every Child Alive Campaign.

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Gold prices continue to drop despite positive global cues. Downward movement of gold continued for the fourth straight cod4 gay clans as prices dropped by Rs.

Online shopping has become more popular than ever before and almost everyone loves to shop online. However, when it cod4 gay clans to saving money on their online purchases, many don't have a clue on how to save. Nowadays, laptops have become indispensable and are an integral part of our lives. Especially for college students, laptops are one of the most essential tools for their studies. Doctors successfully operate on unborn-baby, put her back in womb.

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