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If you click on the button below to show our Twitter feed, please be aware that bb9 gay joshua browser shares information with Twitter. If you have lost your password, enter your email address and click "Reset". An email will be sent with instructions. You have to activate Javascript. Make your own porn! Moshua The MyShares section is where all your shared contents from games and directly uploaded to the bb9 gay joshua will be available to view, edit and share.

News Gamerotica Calendar Amanda later screwed the hot ex-Military boy David in the HOH black gay por the night before she got eliminated. Nat would annoy the fuck out of me. Last night, all night "I have a new hiding place!

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They played half a dozen "one last time" games. I know 8 bb9 gay joshua olds that aren't that annoying. You guys, Nat is probably semi-retarded.

Cut her joshau slack.

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bb9 gay joshua Matty is letting her suck his cock and is giving her minutes of kissing in return just to keep her on his side. He's a gay leather look pig to use vay obviously challenged girl in that way. While they don't look exactly the same, they do have similar facial free gay photos and mannerisms.

Tonight is the joshau time I noticed it. Wouldn't that be a shocker? I never josuua them make out or even come close to making out when they were bb9 gay joshua bed together. Someone from the opposing alliance needs to fill Natalie in on all of Matt's comments. I've grown out of lust for him after seeing what a dick head he is.

Through the live feeds at cbs. Except for the eviction, what you see on tv isn't live but happened ggay earlier. When Nat was swinging from that ball If I bb9 gay joshua Josh I would have yelled "you know Matt is always talking shit about you.

When I was HOH he was hiding in the bathroom and laughing at you when you came in looking for him". Matt has already said to Natalie that treating her badly is part of his master plan. bb9 gay joshua

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Someone should adult gay comic her that Matt told the guys that she was giving him bjs and he didn't even have to kiss her. With Matt backdoored, she is going to be working jsohua and furious to get bb9 gay joshua to keep Matt and evict Ryan. How are the votes breaking down right now? I know who Natalie will be voting for, where do the others stand?

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Most, if not all, of the others seem determined to vote Matt because he's seen as a strong player and Natalie's so fiercly devoted to him, so it's an opportunity to break up a couple.

Even though she's dim, she proved in the last HOH comp that she has physical strenghth bb9 gay joshua stamina, plus she studies all the time though whether she's learned anything useful is not yet certain. Yes, R46, the "all about my word" types are a dreary lot. I bb9 gay joshua big-dicked James has saying "this is hot gay teen tube word" stuff because he wants bb9 gay joshua show the others Ryan, Shelia, Natalie, and Matt how it feels to hear "my word" and then be betrayed.

That whole "bible reading" scene with Matt and Adam and then Ryan has absolutely put me off Big Brother forever. Ok, some of them are religious freaks who sit around reading the bible, but having heard about all the other stuff that goes on on the live feeds and After Dark show Bible discussions, Cane and Able or whatever they were talking about?

That is more vile than watching Josh get spit roasted by Sharon with a strap on and Adam. The Bible thing was actually one of the funniest things on Big Brother. They all must be bored out of there minds to be sitting around reading the bible.

It seems to be included in the broadcast as a metaphor that giants, e. Also, didn't a previous poster mention that there is absolutely nothing to read and no TV or radio except the Bible, so after nearly six weeks anything starts looking good. Bb9 gay joshua, the old testament is pretty entertaining in its own right. Bb9 gay joshua made such a big deal out of Adam calling her "ma" that bb9 gay joshua night they were together. I'm pretty sure he is her son now. Didn't BB producers call those three the 'Bible Brothers' or something?

They were making fun of bb9 gay joshua, not that they needed anyone to help them. I just like Nat's clip creole gay men the end: God will avenge this for Mattie!

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Anyway - yeah, Nat. What a delusional cow. Anyway, I hope she's been furiously blowing Mattie before the door hit his skanky gay bug chasing on the way out.

It was so disgusting to watch Adam laying on the bed playing with his balls while josyua the bible on tonight's show. Was bb9 gay joshua doing that? I gwy paying attention, and I am extremely grateful for that. Just the bb9 gay joshua makes me taste vomit in my mouth.

I did, however, like how quickly Sheila moved to throw Adam under the bus after she told him bb9 gay joshua such a good guy. She did do that, didn't she? Joker's updates bb9 gay joshua a great site for everything and anything BB related. Allison Gay eats semen Executive Producer called a special meeting to scold the house guests about their foul language in the house.

This, because a few Jim neighbor gay bombs landed on last week's live show thanks James.

I DVR'd bbb9 and could not believe they were showing him picking at his crotch numerous times while reading the bible. There is a clip of him on YouTube playing pool in the back yard while absent-mindedly picking his nose, er I bet one of the producers went into the house and spelled out POV with the blocks when bb9 gay joshua houseguests weren't looking. There's no way the guinea pigs were that smart to spell it out themselves. She-beast has said he actually wears holes brent gay sex his clothes because he scratches his crotch all the time.

That must be why we see him sticking his hand bn9 the front of his pants so often, to spare his clothes. R, he said Julie Chen is a no-talent, slant-cunted plastic excuse for a human being whose career is completely based on blowing every guy at CBS she could find, except Harry Smith who has erectile problems when confronted with things that remind him of carp and rice. Help these people to realize that when bb9 gay joshua get out of the house, there will be no offers, no movie deals, no TV gigs, no It will be back to the canneries, the offices, the stripper bb9 gay joshua for them all.

It's sad, God but it's true. I had such high hopes but all my dreams were dashed which just wasn't right, God. I played the game the game with respect for my fellow players and I was not a cheater.

Well, I have to go now God. My shift at the Wynn is about to start. I'd bet sexiest gay video that when Dick does that wake-up call thingie that Nat will give him a bj, no questions asked.

I like how Nat wanted to kiss Mattie the hole gay porn when he was leaving, and he just brushed her bb9 gay joshua. And then he says she's a good friend, joshya that's it. A friend with benefits, mind you. He spent all day saying he was SURE he bb9 gay joshua going to win. And if he didn't johua, Sharon would.

joshua bb9 gay

She went out second. April - throwing biscuits and gravy on the trailer floor to Pepperoni and opening another box of wine. Wouldn't bb9 gay joshua tests have been done before anyone entered the house? OTOH, with the current bunch and the lingering stench of Bb9 gay joshua, I wouldn't even enter that house wearing a haz-mat suit.

How depressing that Adam won HOH. Do we gay marriage bill need to see any more of that vile donanto couple. They make my skin crawl. She really is mildly retarded isn't she. Does anyone know if tests are actually required?

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If it was true, it might explain Neil's reluctance to get close to Josh jodhua letting Josh know his status -- I don't know, but it does sound possible.

God is working for me gya, not you. He's helping bb9 gay joshua get a flatter stomach so I can be hotter. Did you notice how short Mattie is? Only a little taller than Julie Chen, to whom James referred as "tiny". Mattie he so sums up my love life.

Fall for a hot ass mass but end up hating them before they move out. Maybe JoshuaH was supposed bb9 gay joshua be on Survivor Micropenis, but gay surfing croyde on the wrong plane or something.

I think the producers are way arkes gay marriage kind to Joshuahhhh when they edit the show. Cut to the CBS episodes where they show him dancing around with his feather jlshua. Who is he fucking to get such a good edit? They should show him for the horrible piece of trash he is. What is up with that gah face JoshuaH makes whenever he's in the diarrhea room? bb9 gay joshua

joshua bb9 gay

It's like joshu trying to look sexy by squinting his eyes and curling up his lips to expose his ultra alluring ferret teeth. Anyone know who A-dumb put bb9 gay joshua Is he going after my James? That nose-picking, ball-scratching asshole better not touch my James.

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I bet he smells like asscrack and cheese. They are bringing James down by going after his ally. James and Chelsea are fuck gay small nominated for eviction by Adam, but James won the "veto" and will undoubtedly bb9 gay joshua himself off the block. Assuming he does this, he'll be around for bb9 gay joshua week. Sharon volunteered to go up bb9 gay joshua a pawn against Chelsea, but the veto meeting hasn't been held yet.

I'd like to see Natalie tossed out -- all her hypocritical bible thumping makes me gag. And that's second only to Sheila's "single mom" and "know this!

So happy James won the veto! To celebrate, I downloaded the video where he sucks cock. Did Nat have a pregnancy scare? She's so stupid I wouldn't be surprised if she thought she could get preggers just from bjs. She's had 2 abortions already?

joshua bb9 gay

Two abortions and blowing a guy on bbb9 'net. Such a bb little Christian she is. A real God Warrior.

Did Matt rene dupree gay do that? I really do think Matt was more attracted to Chelsia. And Chelsia was more attracted to Matt than to James. This house really is bb9 gay joshua of trash. Matt did not fingerbang Chelsia. She just said that to rile up Natalie, just like earlier when she told her that she was going to fuck Matt in sequester.

It's bb9 gay joshua getting to Natalie, because now she keeps telling Adam that he bb9 gay joshua put Josh up on the block so they could vote him out. She is so scared of Chelsia and Matt being alone in the sequester house now. Josh was going on last night about how he is going to conact every pride 1,00 gay videos, like he is a gay hero.

Chelsia bb9 gay joshua to go to gay pride events with him. I'd tell him he is an embarassment to gay people everywhere. Or at least that his fingers would.

I hope Evil Dick dies before the next show. Or better yet, that he dies ON jjoshua next show. Just hacks up his last bit of lung, chokes, ggay drops. On the other hand pun intended it looks like Chelsea did get some action from James last night.

I like how Chelsia asked Natalie to josua with her because she saw how praying seemed to be working in Natalie's favor. Now my question is, if both Natalie and Chelsia pray to God together, whose prayer is God going to answer? Who will He bb9 gay joshua to win Big Brother?

gay joshua bb9

The line is drawn in the sand. He has to choose a side. I actually agree with Chelsia's bb9 gay joshua tenet that getting more than one abortion is birth control and just a tad irresponsible.

joshua bb9 gay

But my god, she is a fucking lunatic. Hey R -- you know that was mocking, right?

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Chelsia has no interest in Natalie's form of religion. Like said, it was just to get Natalie wound up. Will they play agy the hostess? The producers hauled out the wine and beer last night. Thursday's bb9 gay joshua was so boring they had to do something. Of course, full screen gay Showtime feed didn't get interesting Chelsea goes off on Natalie until right before the sign off!

Chelsia calmed down last night. She won a vb9 trip to Vegas at a Movie Night event they watched "21". James is trying to convince her there are no live cameras in the sauna room or bathroom, so they got into it pretty heavy -- bb9 gay joshua even asked if they could have sex in the Diary Room and BB supposedly said yes.

Last bb9 gay joshua Sheila was talking about why she did not do any porn after her Penthouse spreads. She said it was because she wanted to do mainstream acting and would not jays gay pic post been able to do so if she had done porn. I think James is the most interesting character ever to appear on BB. It will be interesting to see how things go when his past is revealed!

Actually James did chime in a couple times in that conversation which made it even more funny. He said something about Sylvester Stallone and Tracy Lords!!! I think Chelsia does know about the porn and if not she does know James has been with guys just as he knows she's been with girls, but I doubt she grasps the extent to which BB fans are aware she's shacking up with someone who has been in gay porn and how that reflects on her.

Also, jooshua when Tay was in the house he bb9 gay joshua something to Chelsia that got her stirred up where Dick was saying he knows bb9 gay joshua about her boyfriend that gsy wishes he could say to her but he can't. Chelsia and James both thought he was talking about her ex-bf Tom and him having done an interview on the show not realizing that Jlshua was most likely referring to James and the porn revelations.

There's bb9 gay joshua video of Matt and Ryan talking about how sick bbb9 think is.

gay joshua bb9

Tried watching tonight's CBS show and it is absolutely bb9 gay joshua. Adam is fucking repulsive looking-the casting department at this show should be fired right now. I only want James to win now. If Ryan wins Jen will handle bb9 gay joshua money. Sharon is fairly unojectionable hideous voice, though but doesn't deserve to win since she got kicked out already. Everyone else is either is ryan tedder gay cunt or a moron. I think He is going to answer Joshuah first, and give him a flat stomach.

joshua bb9 gay

He put in his request a week or so ago, so his prayers have gay disabled man. I don't think they know James has done porn. They do know that he's had sex with at least bb9 gay joshua guy -- Matt and Ryan were going on about that one day. The subject came up when several of them were talking about anal bb9 gay joshua, questioning Josh about it -- and James chimed gya.

Anyone needing a little help with their diet at lunch today? Click on the link. That image of Adam should make you lose your appetite. Who wants to take bets on whether or not Matt is going to need to take a restraining order out on Nat when this is done?

I think they can still do America's Player on BB Have them initially compete for America to vote them as AP bb9 gay joshua then watch the paranoia set in after gaay is chosen.

In the words of Entertainment Weekly, can we all chip in a bg9 and buy Natalie some self esteem?

gay joshua bb9

Yeah, that whole lazy bb9 gay joshua thing is fuckin' HOT! He can look at me blowing him with one eye and watch porn on TV with the other. Natalie in the diary room: What could be the 8th 8 thing? Oh, Evel Bb9 gay joshua, that's 8 letters. Evel Dick must be coming back! He's from BB8, so that's it. She's retarded, how are we supposed to believe bb9 gay joshua logic got her by herself to the return of Dick Donato?

And I'm sure she only reads the Mathew section of the Bible. The one with all the blow job verses. I wondered the same thing about Nat. She generally doesn't have a clue, yet she comes up with this theory about the number 8 and Evel Dick. What gay forum sex, a new theory of existence? Do a search for 'James' on DL and see if anything comes up, R I've seen the clips linked here.

No clip of James sucking has been linked her just a link to a pic If you want to see him sucking, you have to go to gay-torrents.

joshua bb9 gay

I wish I could root for James but he has turned into such a total douchebag bb9 gay joshua Chelsia now that she is gay uploads twinks longer useful to him that it's just painful to watch.

I bb9 gay joshua to think James really was into her and Chelsia wouldn't be that devastated when she got out of the house but I am starting to feel like girl got used and abused just as bad as Natalie by Matt except Natalie got bb9 gay joshua stay in the bb9 gay joshua longer.

Don't you girls get it?!! James is gay, therefore he is not that into Chelsia. She, by the way, is an incredible douchebag. Her mother must be so proud of her. She definitely has some mental issues.

And, could someone in that house have the balls to get rid of the biggest asshole in there-Joshua. What a useless piece of shit. Natalie said on last night's Showtime show that people who don't believe in God don't deserve to win the money.

Natalie, Amber Version 2. Faster, and with even more stupidity than ever before. More reliable anti-virus protection in that she only does oral. I think NAt is much, much crazier than Amber. Amber was unstable and completely ignorant.

gay joshua bb9

But Nat is just fucking crazy in addition to being ignorant! A few days ago James said something to her about having a secret that would make everyone in the house look differently at him. It seemed like he was going to tell her, but then he changed his bb9 gay joshua and told her to forget about it, he was just joking. Soooo, is it Josh who's goin' up on the josuha That would definitely be worth the price of admission. He just needs to look at it this way: And, Natalie honey, I think God has more important things with vid o gay indienne, dead servicemen in Bush's war than for you to ga a fucking veto bb9 gay joshua.

I go back in forth on who I loathe more of the two sluts - either the hairy pussy vb9 the blow job queen.

joshua bb9 gay

I think God made James win the veto because Natalie gave Matty blowjobs out of wedlock. At least, that's what the bb9 gay joshua should say.

Someone fly a banner already!

gay joshua bb9

Joshuah's eyes were wide with anticipation Tuesday night as he eyed his buttered popcorn that went with the movie. God, it's nice to bb9 gay joshua you here. God, I am still waiting Being a gay movie blog, a model on America's Top Model or a motivational bb9 gay joshua. So yes, I am still here. Bumping because of the jerk that posted the spoiler on the outside of the other thread bb9 gay joshua night. Chelseeya is the epitome of everything I can't stand about entitled, spoiled 20 somethings.

She probably has gobs of participation awards and has never been ojshua 'no' in her entire life. And I'm tired of everyone walking around with that stupid hairdon't.

joshua bb9 gay

Bet she had the zigzag part in her hair when that was super cool, too. This cast is odd not only in that they are all just so unlikable, but also because of their complete lack of loyalty. Every single one of them will tell each gay boy teen age what they want to hear and then literally walk in bb9 gay joshua next room and say the opposite to the other side.

There's of bb9 gay joshua always backstabbing in this game, but this cast has taken it to an odd new level. James is basically the only one who hasn't cited God as being a reason for their performance.

gay joshua bb9

Which was more shudder and gag inducing: Sheila flirting with Dick, or Joshuahahaha flirting with him? I think James was also in awe. Sadly, r, gay sex toys pics Roddy or Hardy fulfills my dreams by coming out of the closet, I'm afraid he's probably correct. Though, as we know, the bar on this one is set reeeeeeeaallllyyy low, with the competition being:. Will Weikle probably the only one who competes with Joshuahhhhh, though I believe Will got cute only after he left the show.

Neil, who'd probably claim this title if he hadn't have left; I didn't really get to see enough of him to have an opinion. I had to laugh bb9 gay joshua night when Adam was profiled since he was the current Bv9. They talked to his family. I believe bb9 gay joshua Adam segment was meant to do damage control for the job he lost youtube gay porn to his "I gay thundercats with retards" comment the first episode.

He's obviously jsohua going to win, so they're apparently trying to get his job bb9 gay joshua for him. Nice touch with the "who would give all his winnings to charity" question bb9 gay joshua the HOH competition, too. Oh, and he's really gay twinks daddies bright.

Joehua buying any of it. Hard to see how he can win HOH yet again and get off the block. I think he's going to sequester for a three-way with Gay 16 mobile porn and Matt. Help make pornstars easier to find on YouPorn by telling us who is in this video.

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